Who doesn't love to take a drive to see the cherry blossoms?

Yes, Washington D.C. is a beautiful spot for them but New Jersey has some fantastic spots to check out these amazing blossoming trees.

The cherry blossom is the national flower of Japan. It represents a time of renewal and optimism. When I see a cherry blossom it marks the ending of the cold months of winter in New Jersey and the beginning of warmth, spring.

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I had no idea the entire blooming period of a cherry blossom only lasts about 14 days which also includes the days leading up to peak bloom. Some years, depending on our winter months start as early as mid-March and could start blooming as late as mid-April.

fotohunter, Getty Images
fotohunter, Getty Images

The smell of a cherry blossom is subtle. If you've ever smelled one, it's not a sweet smell. It's more of a bitter smell to me. I smell honey in it sometimes when I've smelled one of the blooming flowers.

I remember where I grew up there was a lake and we had several cherry blossoms around the lake. I remember always checking them out and admiring the flowering tree. It reminded me summer is right around the corner.

Let's take a trip around Garden State and see these blooming beauties. They don't last long, so take advantage of them now. This list is from all over the state. I've been to several of these places to check out the cherry blossoms. Here are 10 great locations to see the cherry blossoms in New Jersey.

10 Best Places to See Cherry Blossoms in New Jersey

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