This summer has been captivated by HBO's "Mare Of Easttown" So much so that WAWA has actually dedicated Thursday as "Mare Of Easttown Day for the show set in Delaware County Pa., complete with free coffee, tee shirts, and a new cheesesteak.

It seems like only yesterday that another HBO series was setting the world on fire, in some episodes literally if you consider how Pie-Oh-My died.

The Sopranos, set in North Jersey, is without a doubt the greatest series of all time. It has won 21 Prime Time Emmys, 5 Golden Globes, Also, in 2013 the Writers Guild named it the best-written TV series of all time.

Also TV Guide and Rolling Stone put it on the top of their list of all-time TV series. When it comes to television shows, the bar is set pretty high in New Jersey. So what about movies?

Some of the best films were made right here in the Garden State. Here are some examples from my social media following with some great stories and memories

Thomas Evans
Atlantic City with Burt Lancaster

Joshua Kocses
IQ in Hopewell. They took the most disgusting trailer trash of a red neck gas station and turned it into a Starbucks for Meg Ryan and Einstein.

Jersey Girl. Yeah I said it.
Seriously it got trashed cause it costarred J Lo and Ben but it's a really sweet, funny, movie.

John Moyer
Eddie and the Cruisers.

Trev: Always loved Eddie and the Cruisers, even the sequel

Robert Pisani
Scenes from “Baby it’s You” filmed in our restaurant Cristina’s Pizzeria in Union City with Roseanne Arquette and Vincent Spano. In the film it’s called Joey D’s

Trev: You and I played there first!

Ed Farmer
American Hustle . . . I'm VERY loosely related to Angelo Errichetti (not by blood) and remember him and his family very well from my childhood and youth.

Jay El Payaso Watkins
New Jersey Drive
Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle

Domenick Stellato
Wise guys
Danny DeVito & Joe Piscopo
Harry Valentini and Moe Dickstein are the most hopeless mob members ever. After losing $250,000 at the track, from their boss, he orders them to kill each other, but instead they run away. Hilarity ensues.

Howard Popper
12 Monkeys, at the Oasis Motel in Camden.

William Hogan

Joe Guglich
Friday The 13th

Andrew Satkowski
The scenes from Friday the 13th filmed in my hometown of Hope NJ,

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