It's that time of year again. The time when you want to bit into an apple as crisp as the air is becoming. It's nearly fall in South Jersey, and there's no better activity for a date or the whole family than apple picking!

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There's just something about throwing on a basic South Jersey girl autumn ensemble (thermal shirt, scarf, puffy vest, riding boots) and climbing a ladder to reach that perfect apple, all while you look over your shoulder as your plus one catches a 'not so candid' photo. It's all about the IG post, right? Lol.

Well, these five u-pick locations for plucking your own harvest of apples are all worth a 'save the date' on your calendar. You're gonna want a bushel for bobbing for apples, lunches, and baking pies. Happy picking! And, if there's a place your love to go apple picking in your part of South Jersey, let us know in the comment below so we can share the suggestion!

5 Perfect Apple Picking Farms in South Jersey

Orchards mentioned:

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