Can I vent here for a second?

Enough is enough. I get it, people who don't live here look at New Jersey and think it's a crap shoot. If they're looking at our tax rates, property costs, etc., I guess I understand that. However, when NJ is painted as the "armpit of America", it tends to get under my skin a bit.

I guess you can compare it to the dynamic between siblings in which it's okay for siblings to pick on each other, but when someone else does, that's when it becomes unacceptable. The same idea for NJ residents. We, as residents, can complain about the state until we're blue in the face. You, the outsider, however? No. We may complain about the politics of the state and such, but we're allowed to do so. On the flip side, we also are aware of all the perks we get to enjoy by living in the Garden State. The beaches, the close proximity to two major East coast cities, and the education system are three great points to be made in favor of living here right off the bat.

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I had a video served to me on Youtube that highlights what are supposed to be the 10 worst places to live in New Jersey. Five out of the ten fall in what the rest of the world would consider South Jersey. Two of the cities are in Camden County, but when you look on a map, Camden County is, geographically at least, part of South Jersey.

The cities mentioned in the video as some of the worst in the state are Bridgeton, Vineland, Lindenwold, Camden, and Atlantic City.

Listen, there's good and bad everywhere you go, right? What I don't like is how the comments made by the Youtuber at the end of the video painted South Jersey out to be trash. First of all, South Jersey is the LEAST populated part of the state, so, if anything, all the other points he made against the state as whole in the video don't hold as much weight in this part of the state.

Check out the video for yourself below. You'll, no doubt, pick up on the negative vibe he was throwing our way. Not appreciated.

Source: Youtube

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