North Wildwood Fire Department and Sea Tow Cape May responded to a boater in crisis Saturday afternoon. The 57-foot wooden Chris Craft was taking on water in Hereford Inlet and the captain decided to run his boat aground to keep the boat from sinking.

Six people, including the captain, were aboard the vessel, according to the report. No one was injured.

The Press of Atlantic City reports that the captain made the decision to run the boat aground when he realized it was taking on water in the inlet. The vessel was anchored about 30 feet from the shoreline upon the fire department's arrival.

Wildwood Fire Department's Chief 3 arrived and took over command, as Utility 3 and Squad 3 arrived. Lines were thrown from the vessel to the onshore rescuers to pull the stern closer to the shore. Crews utilized ground ladders to remove the passengers and the captain from the vessel, the report read.
Saving the boat took a joint effort from Sea Tow Cape May, Northstar Marine and Tow Boat US to keep it from capsizing as it filled with seawater. Once the vessel was dewatered it was towed to Schooner Island Marina.

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