Bader Field in Atlantic City is considered a prime redevelopment site.

Last week it was announced that Bert Blatstein had a proposal for Bader Field. Blatstein says he will build 10,000 rental homes with shopping, restaurants and more on the 140 acres there.

The site has hosted baseball games at Surf stadium, major concert events, like Dave Matthews, Phish, Metallica, and more. The Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival were held there along with many other events since the airport permanently closed on September 30, 2006.

While the site has hosted plenty of events there is so much potential for a more permanent attraction.

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I left out many ideas from bigger cities, many of which have river walks (San Antonio, Milwaukee, Oklahoma City), or piers (Chicago, Santa Monica) that have plenty of nightlife and fun ideas.

I tried to stay with smaller towns, or places I have visited that I can envision what they have and can see it working here.  For many of these ideas, Atlantic City could build on what these other areas have done to accommodate an area of that size, or in many cases smaller, which could make for a bigger and better idea if done here.

All of these ideas should have a taxi that runs from Bader Field to Gardner's Basin for people to enjoy both areas of the city.

I have eight ideas to get the ball rolling and start the conversation, let me know your thoughts.

8 Things That Could Work at Bader Field

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