Have you ever given any thought to all the delicious food we have at our finger tips in our neck of the woods?

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I wrote an article a while back about a new survey that crowned New Jersey as the best place to live. I was so shocked by the findings that I decided to draft a list of all the reasons I love where we live. A big part of that list was, of course, all the awesome food that we have for our own consumption at any given time. Then, I was scrolling through Facebook last night when I stumbled across a post in one of the Jersey-related groups I'm a member of that showcased a woman's pork roll, egg, and cheese bagel breakfast sandwich. In her post, she explained that she now lives in Texas but was able to overnight her favorite breakfast sandwich all the way from the Garden State out to where she is.

She OVERNIGHTED a breakfast sandwich!

That got me thinking.... would I really miss Jersey's food that badly if I were to ever move out of state?

I was able to answer my own question because I remembered when my mom and I used to go visit my brother in Arizona, she would order two large sausage and onion pizzas, freeze them, and put them in her suitcase the morning we were flying out. I kid you not, at least one of those pizzas was gone less than 20 minutes after my mom and I would arrive at my brother's house.

If you're craving it badly enough, you'd pretty much do ANYTHING to get your hands on food from home. What foods do you think Jersey people would miss so much that they'd go to any length to get it their hands on it?

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