I think everyone wants to run into a celebrity at one time in their life, but I don't think they wanna have a near-death experience in order to meet them. Minnie John had a run-in with a celebrity who actually saved her life.

Minnie John is a New Jersey resident who, along with her son and husband, were hiking in Utah a few days ago. This hike was one that Minnie didn't expect to be so challenging, and being that she only ate breakfast, she ran into a medical issue.

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According to CentralJersey.com Minnie started feeling sick towards the top of this big arch she and her family were climbing and decided to sit down. Her husband and son went up the rest of the way and left Minnie to just relax and take it easy. Soon after, Minnie became very dizzy and fainted.

Minnie woke up to two women helping her, one was putting a bandage on her face where she fell and the other giving her some snacks to try and regain some strength.

Being a little out of it, Minnie thought she knew one of the women by her side and it turned out to be Modern Family star Julie Bowen and her sister who came to the rescue.

They called her husband and son to let them know what happened and after they returned to Minnie, they all posed for a picture. Minnie is back home in New Jersey and received stitches for her injuries.

Thank goodness Julie and her sister were there. Minnie had gotten dehydrated and the results could have been really bad if they didn't find her when they did.

For more on this story, check out this article from CentralJersey.com.

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