It's one of my favorite towns in Ocean County and all of New Jersey. It's a fun spot in the summer and winter.

I love to think we here are the Friendliest town in New Jersey. In the summer some would say this is the "best" place to be, with the softest sand, best waves, a great boardwalk, and fun rides for the whole family.

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It is the ultimate vacation spot for some. Me and my family, we get to visit it year-round, and I'm thankful for this place.

What town in Ocean County is the friendliest town in New Jersey?

Point Pleasant Beach is the friendliest town in New Jersey according to It's not just the beach and boardwalk, it's the streets, the houses, and the little town itself. I love the shopping and dining on Arnold Avenue through the center of Point Pleasant Beach.

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stockbyte, getty stock, thinkstock

The center of town is just too adorable not to visit. Most of the stores are open all year long. And don't forget to grab your cone from Hoffman's, you can't forget the ice cream.

Also, a trolley will take you to the beach in the summer from downtown.

The winner of Point Pleasant Beach, of course, is the boardwalk. Being a Jersey Shore resident, it is one of the best boardwalks at the Jersey Shore. Jenkinson's Aquarium on the boardwalk is one of the cutest aquariums and it's open all year long. We've visited this aquarium so many times and love it more and more each time we visit.

The restaurants and bars right on the boardwalk are fabulous, with boardwalk games, and the "best" Fun House right in the middle of the Point Pleasant Boardwalk. It is a different kind of Fun House and it's one for the whole family, check it out the next time you're on the boards in Point.

And, let's talk about the sunrise and sunset in Point Pleasant Beach. It is absolutely gorgeous to start the day with a walk or bike ride or end the day at one of their restaurants for a great view.

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