No doubt, there are some amazing deals to be had on Black Friday.

In recent years, many retailers have had so much success with Black Friday sales that they kick them off the day before on Thanksgiving night. You'll find no argument from me regarding the need to save a buck or two while not skimping out on Christmas gifts for everyone. However, I do feel some type of way about taking time away from family on Thanksgiving to head to the stores.

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This year, however, many stores in our region have announced that they will NOT be opening on Thanksgiving. Two sets of stores of particular interest to me are the Tanger Outlets in Atlantic City and the Gloucester Premium Outlets off of the Gloucester Township exit of the AC Expressway. Neither outlets will be opening their stores early. The sales will begin on Black Friday.

According to, the CEO of Simon Properties (the Gloucester Premium Outlets parent company) said that the stores will remain closed on Thanksgiving so all employees can enjoy that time home with their family and friends. It doesn't look like a statement of the sort has yet been made from Tanger Factory Outlets, however if you look on their website, it shows that the Atlantic City outlets will be closed on Thanksgiving 2020.

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