Alice Cooper discussed the possibility of a biopic about his career, saying the fact that he didn’t achieve the same commercial success of other recent movie subjects made his story stronger.

The veteran also suggested that Hollywood Vampires bandmate Johnny Depp could play him if the project ever went ahead, though he’d need some heavy makeup.

“I hope it’s not one of those where we get to die first,” Cooper told Yahoo! in a new interview. “Usually it’s gonna happen with bands that were extremely commercially successful. … We sold a lot of records, but I did not appeal to everybody. I was definitely on the darker side. And I think that it would make a great movie.”

He added that "if Johnny Depp were just better looking, he could play me! ... Johnny would be the best guy to play me, because he really likes to take those characters that nobody else wants to play. And he loves prosthetics — he would get my nose in there and the whole thing like that. He knows me well enough now where he could imitate me pretty well, I’m pretty sure.”

In a separate interview, Cooper credited his longevity to being “born in the right era.” “I came in during that golden age when everything depended on how good your quality was," he told Billboard. "I was competing with [David] Bowie and Elton [John] and the Beatles and Led Zeppelin, and that competition makes you sharp, and you never give that up. We were required to write great songs. And those songs still get played every night on the radio, all over the world.”

He noted that longtime producer Bob Ezrin “would never, ever let us put filler on an album. ... He says, ‘Every song has got to be a gem. You don’t just throw something in there and say, ‘Okay, there’s a song.’ To this day, we don’t let anything on an album that’s not high quality, and that has really paid off in the long run.”


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