Have you heard the theory that says that Gotham City isn't actually supposed to be anywhere near New York? Apparently, it's supposed to be smack dab in between Brigantine and Beach Haven in Little Egg Harbor.

Yep, Gotham City is supposed to a huge metropolis right between the dividing points of Atlantic and Ocean Counties right here in South Jersey. Wild, isn't it?

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There's just one problem with that, well, besides the fact that Gotham isn't a real place. The problem is there is no land mass between Brigantine and Little Egg Harbor. There wasn't, at least, until now.

You may or may not have heard that there has been a little island that's taken shape right in between the two county barrier islands over the last five years or so. According to Patch.com, the island now known as Horseshoe Island formed back in 2018. While not many humans have yet had the chance to set foot on it, Jersey's birds are apparently loving the new little strip of land. Birds have reportedly taken to the island to nest.

What's great about that piece of information is the fact that among the birds using the island as a safe haven include birds that have been listed as endangered. Based on where the island has formed, it's technically located in the  Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge. Patch.com reports that the location has indeed been confirmed by folks from New Jersey's Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Birds have apparently used the island all year round since its formation, and professionals don't see any reason why this wouldn't continue to be the case in the future.

Source: Patch.com

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