Call me corny, but there's something exciting about a new business opening up in town. Maybe that's the desire in me to live somewhere with a true "small town vibe". When I moved to Mays Landing, that's the feeling I found.

I love the quaint and quirky energy that Mays Landing embodies. So, whenever there's a chance to soak a little bit more of it in, I always take advantage. I had the chance to do that recently when I stopped into the brand-new breakfast and lunch spot on Main Street.

The new eatery is called Mia's Café. It opened in mid-October to some pretty great reviews from people who went during that first week. After hearing about it on Facebook, I knew I had to try it out.

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I stopped in for lunch during their first few days to order some take-out and was blown away by Sonia's attentiveness. Sonia Hernandez is part owner of Mia's and is wearing quite a few hats. She told me the story behind Mia's and how excited she and her brother Angel Hernandez were to finally be opening up an eatery of their own. They chose the name "Mia" for their restaurant as a tribute to Angel's 9-year-old daughter who passed away. The brother and sister duo hail from Atlantic City and are excited for the plans they have in store for their new restaurant in Mays Landing.

As you can see from their menu, they have a pretty solid start so far. I ordered the turkey club, mozzarella sticks, and the soup of the day which was chicken noodle. Let me tell you, they know what they're doing. It was all delicious!

Jahna Michal for TSM
Jahna Michal for TSM

The chicken noodle soup was awesome! Great flavor and huge chunks of chicken. The turkey club was on point. I don't like club sandwiches super soggy, which I had specified, and the amount of mayo was just right.

Jahna Michal for TSM
Jahna Michal for TSM

Now, here's what I loved about the mozzarella sticks. They weren't too overdone but they weren't barely crusted, either. The sticks were light and airy and not all topping. It was a great add-on to the sandwich.

If you have yet to try Mia's in Mays Landing, I highly recommend. Sonia and Angel are so sweet and super excited to be in town serving up some grub for Mays Landing residents. They plan on expanding to full dinner service which is set to include some homemade Mexican food, too. Make sure you look out for that.

Good luck, Mia's!

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