Hoffman’s Ice Cream in Point Pleasant Beach and Spring Lake Heights never disappoint.  The flavor list is pretty much perfection. However, their new flavor is turning some heads.

You can’t go wrong with Almond Turtles, Black Raspberry (my favorite), Hot Cocoa, Coffee Oreo, Fudge Mint Cookie, Espresso Mocha Chunk, or Salted Caramel Pretzel but I have to ask, are you even prepared to try their newest freaky flavor?

Drum Roll, please………..

Photo credit: Hoffman's Facebook
Photo credit: Hoffman's Facebook

Hoffman’s just launched their newest flavor, Pork Roll, Egg & Cream!

I’m not even kidding.  Here is the flavor profile breakdown:

Pork Roll Egg & Cream starts with a dough base ice cream.  Next, you’ll notice actual scrambled egg bites mixed throughout the ice cream.

They don’t stop there, they grill pork roll, dice it up and top it off.  One thing, don’t even think of calling it Taylor Ham Egg & Cream they won’t even know what you are talking about LOL.

It is a limited-time flavor so you have to ask for it asap before you miss your big chance.  Here is my personal plan, I don’t want to miss my tried and true favorite, Black Raspberry, so I’ll still order that but for experimentation purposes, I’m gonna have to get a small cup of Pork Roll Egg & Cheese Cream for the family to share.  You gotta try it right?!?!

This really is the combination of creamy sweetness and salty bite.  If you look closely, I think I even see a sprinkle of cracked pepper?  Could that be?  Listen, I'm ready, willing and able to give this a go!  Just so you are prepared for warm weather food on the go here are the local food trucks you have to try this summer!

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