In real time, we’re updating you about a structure fire in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

The Atlantic City Professional Fire Department has responded to a structure fire on South Florida Avenue in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

It’s been an impressive team effort.

Initially, the concern was that people were also trapped in the fire.

Engine #4 would normally be the first to respond, however, it is presently closed.

We recently reported about the many significant problems currently facing the Atlantic City Fire Department.

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We have learned that with Engine 4 closed, the first arriving units “would be engine 6, ladder 2, rescue 1 and engine 2,” according to ACFD sources, provided to us in real-time as the fire was being fought.

People were reported to be trapped on the second floor, they have all gotten out we have been advised.

The structure fire has been knocked down by Engine #2.

Atlantic City Fire Department - Engine # 2 - Harry Hurley photo.
Atlantic City Fire Department - Engine # 2 - Harry Hurley photo.


We’ll provide updates as warranted.

SOURCE: Atlantic City Fire Department.

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