Atlantic County Sheriff Eric Scheffler is warning residents of a phone scam being perpetrated in Atlantic County.

The scam involves phone calls informing residents that they have failed to appear for jury duty.

Don't believe these calls, and don't fall victim to the attempt to gather your personal information.

Sheffler says the caller ID on these calls is showing the call comes from 609-909-7200. A recorded message from a "Sergeant Jenkins" then directs you to call another number - 609-257-6575.

Sheffler has this to say about the scam calls:

Calls are answered by an auto-attendant with a list of offices and extensions. The message even inaccurately announces the Sheriff’s Office address as 1201 Bacharach Boulevard. The Atlantic County Sheriff’s Office does not use an auto-attendant. All phone calls are answered by a live person 24 hours a day. If a warrant was issued for a citizen for failing to appear for jury duty you would be noticed by mail. Never provide any financial information over the phone. If someone purporting to be an officer asks for any type of credit card or bank account number over the phone, it’s a scam. Detectives are investigating the source of these calls. If you are ever in doubt about the veracity of a call, please contact our department at 609-909-7200.

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