If you live or work in Atlantic County, you are being asked to give your thoughts in a survey on the availability of high-speed internet in the county.

Why Does Atlantic County Want to Know about Your Broadband Service?

As a release from the county points out, we really learned about the importance of dependable and equitable high-speed internet during the pandemic.

The availability of broadband is considered as vital today as water, gas and electricity. High-speed internet is relied on for most forms of communication, work, school, medical and quality of life issues, banking, shopping - well, just about everything.

New Jersey's Goal of 100% Broadband Availability

The state has set a goal of every resident having broadband availability. To help achieve this goal, New Jersey has created the Broadband Assessment Project to identify the areas still lacking sufficient broadband access.

What Will Be Done to Help Areas of NJ With Poor Internet Service?

The goal of this internet survey is to identify the places with low or no broadband service. These areas will then be eligible for broadband expansion with the use of state and federal grant programs.

What Does This Atlantic County Internet Survey want to Know?

You will be asked for firsthand information about the availability of the internet in your town, its cost, reliability, and competition.

If you take the survey on my desktop as I did, the first thing to happen is a speed test measuring the time needed for downloads and uploads on your internet. If you are on your cell phone or not at your home or work in New Jersey, you will skip the speed test and click the “continue to survey” button only.

If you want to take the survey, but don't have a smartphone or a home computer, you may use the computers at any of the ten branches of the Atlantic County Library.

Your Help is Needed

“The participation of our citizens is critical to the expansion of high-speed internet access in Atlantic County,” stated County Executive Dennis Levinson.  “I encourage you to take a few minutes to complete the survey that may result in improved internet access and connection capabilities to benefit us all.”

Here is a link to the Atlantic County webpage to take the internet survey

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