Police have had their hands full with out-of-control teenagers up and down the Jersey Shore all summer long.

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Groups of juveniles have especially been causing problems in Avalon this summer and the Cape May County borough's police department is feeling helpless with dealing with the ongoing problem according to 6 ABC.

According to Avalon residents, the rowdy teens have been leaving behind beer cans and broken glass. The problem has been ongoing since Memorial Day weekend. Poice have issued 1,300 curbside warnings to juveniles breaking the law.

Avalon Police captain John Roscoe tells 6 ABC,

"We've had criminal mischief, we've had private property damaged, we've had things stolen from people's garages, "We've had things stolen from other people's property."

Police are also facing a challenge controlling the troublemaking teens thanks to a directive issued by New Jersey's Attorney General to keep juveniles out of the state's criminal system. Police can't even question or detain anyone under the age of 21 even if they've been suspected of drinking or smoking marijuana.

Roscoe also  tells 6 ABC,

"If we see them doing something wrong, we say, 'hey get out of here' and then we don't take names, parents aren't notified," "It's been a little trying for us to be able to handle juveniles. Our hands are tied."

The problem is also worse in Ocean City where police have issued 10,000 warnings and have arrested 107 juveniles since the start of the summer season.

source: 6abc.com

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