You guys, we've got an ADORABLE Situation!  CONGRATS to our latest Jersey Shore baby!!!!! Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino and his beautiful wife Lauren Sorrentino finally had their baby boy! Welcome to Jersey baby Romeo Reign!

Could he be any more adorable?

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This is their first child and they are obviously in love. Baby Romeo weighed 6 pounds, 8 ounces and was 19 inches long...(I'm a sucker for baby stats).

Photo credit: Mike Sorrentino Instagram
Photo credit: Mike Sorrentino Instagram

Mike and Lauren have been trying for a baby for a while so this is a true blessing.  Mike is 38, Lauren is 36 and they shared many times that they are both more than ready to start their family.  They have been sweethearts since high school so seeing this love story have a perfect ending is awesome!

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They documented their journey to starting a family in front of the MTV cameras.  They have been really open about their journey sharing the loss of their first pregnancy, their meeting with a fertility doctor, and of course their joyful news that Romeo was on the way!  They have both been appearing on the MTV follow up to the "Jersey Shore",  “Jersey Shore Family Vacation”.  So we've been with them on this journey from day one!

The couple announced that they were expecting in a sweet social media post in November was a baby announcement written in flour on a counter of holiday cookie supplies...we found out that they were having a boy the following month.

I love how the Jersey Shore family can't wait to meet their nephew!  They all congratulated the couple in a post from Mike that was captioned, “Gym Tan We’re having a baby boy,” on Instagram.  We expect to see some baby fist pumping very soon!

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