If it's not one pest, it's another, right?

That seems to be the vibe here in South Jersey this year. First, the spotted lantern flies made an evil comeback last year. This year, though, people have been having a rough time with fruit flies in their kitchens.

You'd think the people expressing their grief over this would have solved the problem simply by making sure they didn't have any spoiled food exposed on their counters (or anywhere in their kitchens, really). According to a post in a locally-based Mays Landing Facebook group, spoiled food hasn't even necessarily been the root cause of the problem.

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So, how can you experience a fruit fly infestation sans the presence of food that's gone bad? Believe it or not, a quick Google search will explain that fruit flies can even come from standing water in your kitchen like from the drain in your kitchen sink.

Now that we know that your fruit fly problem may not necessarily be a result of food left out to rot, how do you get rid of them? Thanks to the forthcoming-ness of multiple Mays Landing residents, we now know that you can concoct a solution that should rid you of your fruit fly problem with a few ingredients you, most likely, already have in your kitchen.

Most people have recommended mixing some apple cider vinegar with dish soap and covering that bowl with a layer of Saran Wrap. Once you've assembled that concoction, puncture a few holes into the wrap and leave it out at the site where the most flies seem to congregate. Apparently, that should solve the problem within a few days.

See for yourself what else people suggest may assist with getting rid of fruit flies HERE.

Source: Orkin.comFacebook

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