🔵 Beach Haven updates its beach rules for the 2023 summer season

🔵 Tents and gazebos are among the items banned from the beach

🔵 There are restrictions being made for what is allowed on the beach

Summer is right around the corner at the Jersey Shore and before you make your beach plans, there's a few new rules to follow in 2023.

The governing body in Beach Haven has amended an ordinance updating and clarifying what is and what is not allowed on their beaches.

Starting this summer, you will not be allowed to bring or set up tents, shelters, gazebos as well as temporary and permanent structures of any kind.


New rules for the beach in Beach Haven

The caveat for beachgoers is you will be allowed to have a sun shelter for the kids but it can't be bigger than 16 square feet overall and no more than 4 feet on any side of it or be taller than 40 inches in height.

In addition to that specific rule, any popup tents for the kids with no sides and just a roof can not be bigger than 10 feet in width or 10 feet in length.

You can't leave these kinds of tents on the beach either, you can set them up one hour after sunrise but they have to be taken down one hour before sunset.

Beach Haven PD
Beach Haven PD

There are new restrictions and updated beach rules

In addition to the bans on the beach in Beach Haven, there are some other rules everyone is being asked to follow this summer in this Ocean County borough.

You can't put up an umbrella, tent, canopy, shelter or structure on the beach with a few exceptions.

🏖 Sunshades with one stanchion and anchor have to be set up at a 90-degree position, can't be wider than 7 feet or taller than 7'6 in height or contain grounding lines, ropes, or sides.

🏖 As for "baby tents," they can't be bigger than 40 inches wide by 40 inches deep.

🏖 Popup tents with no sides and a roof can't be larger than 10 feet in width or length or 8 feet in height, but, can only be used with a special events permit issued by the borough.

There are some other beach restrictions in place as well.

(Toniann Antonelli, Townsquare Media NJ)
(Townsquare Media NJ)

Sunshade and Baby Tent rules in Beach Haven

🏖 You cannot place a sunshade or baby tent in front or in the area surrounding the lifeguard's view or in a spot that causes an obstacle for them.

🏖 You cannot put a sunshade or baby tent in an area blocking entrance to the beach.

🏖 You are allowed to use sunshades on the beach but can only do so one hour after sunrise and pick them up one hour before they leave the beach.

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