I'm no ignoramus to the whole "which cooler is best" debate, okay? Every single one of my guy friends and male family members pretty much debates this weekly during hunting season and the summertime.

It's always the same argument. On one side, it's the Yeti-obsessed brand freaks. On the other side, it's every person that absolutely despises anything name-brand and basically equates anything Yeti to the same argument made by Android users against those with iPhones. Yeti of course, being the iPhone.


Now, I will say this. There is a sort-of, shall I say, a pompous attitude that normally comes off of someone that owns too many Yeti products. Can't believe I'm actually weighing in on this argument, but here we are. I'm just going to say it because I've literally seen it with my own two eyes. People that exclusively own Yeti products for all their outdoor needs literally view the rest of the world like we're plebeians if we don't.

I'm not talking about those of us that may in fact have one or two Yeti products. No, I'm referring to those people who EXCLUSIVELY own ONLY Yeti ANYTHING when it comes to coolers, tumblers, apparel, etc.

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Ya'll are OBSESSED. I get it, it's the new thing (for like, the past 7 years) and it's supposed to be the absolute best. I assure you, it's definitely not the best brand for everything. For those die-hard obsessors out there, this what you look like:

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Seriously though, there are plenty of cheaper options that will do a great job of keeping everything cold for your day at the beach. Don't always assume that the most expensive product is the best.

Source: Facebook

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