U2 and the Rolling Stones were named the biggest-grossing touring bands of the past decade, with Bono’s group the only one to top $1 billion in income from the road during that period.

Below them, Bon Jovi, Paul McCartney and Bruce Springtseen appeared among Pollstar’s Top 15, with Ed Sheehan and Taylor Swift in overall second and third positions. Between them, the rock bands brought in more than $7.5 billion from 2010-19. You can see the Top 15 list below.

“Capturing box-office data is daily fare for Pollstar, and since 2010 we have seen growth in practically every aspect of the live entertainment business,” the report noted. “With average ticket prices that have risen 38 percent since 2010, and an average gross per show showing an 87 percent climb over the past 10 years, it is full steam ahead. ... U2 stands alone as the only touring artist to eclipse $1 billion according to Pollstar’s box-office records, with $1.038 billion grossed and 9,300,500 tickets sold on 255 shows.”

The report added that the band’s current tour might add another 600,000 sales to the total. “After U2’s record-breaking 360 Tour of 2009-11, which until very recently reigned as the largest tour ever with more than $735 million grossed, the band and its team was already looking forward but had a massive task on its hands: figuring out what to do next.”

“At the end of 360, having done the biggest thing ever, they said, ‘Wouldn’t it be great to start the next tour under a single light bulb?’" show designer Willie Williams said. "Of course, that was partially a joke, but it gave us sort of a creative talisman, and that light bulb became such a symbol of that tour and that story.”

Pollstar’s Top Touring Artists of the Decade
1. U2 – $1,038,104,132
2. Rolling Stones – $929,196,083
3. Ed Sheeran – $922,361,663
4. Taylor Swift – $899,627,048
5. Beyonce – $857,405,819
6. Bon Jovi – $836,661,584
7. Paul McCartney – $813,811,559
8. Coldplay – $731,805,591
9. Bruce Springsteen – $729,789,815
10. Roger Waters – $702,231,419
11. Elton John – $675,886,369
12. Metallica – $661,907,247
13. Guns N’ Roses – $648,112,698
14. Eagles – $630,066,670
15. One Direction – $628,242,521


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