Bruce Kulick has made the best of the COVID-19 pandemic by writing new music.

As the former Kiss guitarist told Metal Rules, he's been collaborating with his Kiss Kruise bandmates, whom he calls the MOBB -- an acronym for "Members of Bruce's Band" -- over video chat.

"One of the things that Todd [Kerns], Zack Thorne, and Brent Fitz and I were talking about months ago couldn’t happen," he said. "But we wanted to start off with one song ... and offer that and then see where the virus was heading, what was happening with the pandemic, to see if we could record some of these originals that we’ve been kicking around?"

Kulick describes that track as "something from my Kiss years" and and says the new version never got beyond "a little template on my computer." But there are also other songs that he showed them "just about a year ago," and when the pandemic hit, they started working over FaceTime.

"I’d show them the song, and Todd would work on some lyrics," he continued. "There’s a couple of things I’ve started up with Zack online again. Brent had to do some important stuff for his family. He was actually up in Canada for many, many months when his parents needed his help. But those two guys and I have worked quite extensively on originals."

The hope is that he can record them soon. "Because we’re all local," he said, "we could probably all get together safely and actually do something, okay, either get the test or just wear your masks and let’s work together."

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