It's always a blessing when you have a baby and it's exciting for couples as they grow their family, but one thing that can be a bit of a challenge is finding the right name for your bundle of joy. Families always have input for the parents when it comes to names, but stay strong Mom and Dad and go with the name "you" want, not what friends and family recommend. Yes that's easy to say, but try top stay strong lol


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When it comes to baby names they tend to change over time. Some are always popular, some have a short shelf life and others just fade away. We have a look at the baby names that are sinking in popularity. By the way, I hated my name "Shawn" growing up because it was not very popular and most people spelled it differently "Sean" so it is always "how do you spell it?"

BabyCenter has issued its report of baby names that face extinction and it's not good news for some names. Here are some key findings from BabyCenters' report

  • Boy names that start with the letter “K” are out. Khalid, Kameron, Kane, Kian, Kyle, and Kobe were all among those that fell significantly.
  • Kobe may have reached a point of equilibrium after the 2020 surge in registrations, down 70 spots.
  • The names falling fastest: Arjun is down most for the boys with Walter right behind as the names fell 163 and 160 spots respectively. Hayden fell 202 places, a big drop for the name which had the steepest decline for baby girl names and baby names overall.
  • Sadly, Joy decreased considerably, falling 112 spots from the previous year.
  • London is falling, down 93 spots for girls. Unfortunately, a nursery rhyme is not enough to bridge the gap needed to keep it from the brink of falling out of the top 500 names.


So there you go, these are the names that are in the most danger. What names do you love? Let us know your picks for best baby names post your suggestions below.


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