Seriously though, nobody likes to travel down a road having to swerve left and right like you're trying to avoid hitting an animal just because you're trying to protect your tires.

I'm talking about all of the awful roads here in South Jersey. If you're offended by that, then, chances are, you don't get out much. Atlantic County, particularly in the Mays Landing and Galloway Township areas, have some potholes that you could basically get lost in if you were to hit them. What's the deal? Do the powers-that-be just not feel like fixing them?

People belonging to a locally-based Facebook group dedicated life in Galloway Township tend to think that's the reason for all of the really rough ones up and down Jimmie Leeds Road. One resident complained that the potholes on the section of that road between Pitney Road and Route 9 are some of the worst in the township. She got a lot of support from that statement, too.

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Most people do think the reason the potholes keep getting worse and worse is because the township's priorities are set elsewhere at the moment. Still, if they're that bad that people are concerned about car damage, wouldn't you think that means it's time to address the problem?

You have to look at both sides, though. People LOVE to complain when roadwork's getting done. Nobody likes the detours. So, if you put yourself in the township's shoes, maybe they feel like they're damned if they do and damned if they don't. That's not a great spot to be in.

A few residents have spoken up and said that the plan is to get to work on them this year, so at this point only time will tell.

See what fellow Galloway Township residents are saying about the potholes HERE.

Source: Facebook

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