The Cape May-Lewes Ferry is hiring now for seasonal and full-time positions available on both land and sea.

The Cape May-Lewes Ferry is running an employment campaign now to fill a wide range of posts with varied experiences and skill sets from ordinary seamen to bartenders, customer service reps to marine engineers.

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The Ferry has lots of fun summer, casual and part-time positions available, as well as full-time, salaried positions. Cape May-Lewes Ferry runs year-round, so they have positions open throughout the year. But, there's no doubt, spring and summer are their busy season, so now is a great time to apply for a ferry job!

Seasonal positions include bartenders, food and retail associates for on-board or in-the- ferry terminals and for landscaping maintenance technicians.

A full time job with the Cape May-Lewes Ferry is now available in Cape May for a First Assistant Engineer with the responsibility of overseeing vessel equipment operation, making log entries, and reporting problems to the Chief Engineer.

The Ferry is still in their pandemic protocol, so there are certain jobs for which they are interviewing with the understanding that qualified people will be called as soon as their business operations are back to normal.

You can see a list of available positions with the Cape May-Lewes Ferry and read more working for the Ferry here.

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