Mickey & Minnie’s Inn has been a mainstay in Cologne since 1938.

For generations, the Inn has been family-owned and operated by the Garbutt family and known for having some of the best German food in New Jersey.

Everything changes eventually and it appears now is the time for a change at Mickey and Minnie's.

Word is that Mickey and Minnie's has been sold and the new owner plans to close the Inn for some much-needed renovations.

The good news is that their popular (mostly) German food menu and fantastic sausage offerings will remain once the restaurant reopens, and, hopefully, so will the dessert menu with the delicious banana creme pie.

German food restaurants are a bit of a rarity these days. Where else in South Jersey can you go to get a spicy brat with apple kraut served with homemade beer and brat mustard? Oh my, bring on Oktoberfest!

Speaking of Oktoberfest, take a look at Mickey and Minnie's Oktoberfest menu. If you like German food, this is heaven.

The final days of the Garbutt family's 84-year tenure at Mickey and Minnie's end on Saturday, May 21. We wish them well.

We will keep you in the loop with information on the new management's reopening plans for Mickey and Minnie's.

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