Maury Povich, Jerry Springer, Oprah, Steve Harvey... and maybe Chris Christie soon as the host of a TV talk show?

It might be in the works -- at least according to a report posted by

According to their post, Christie and wife, Mary Pat, are pitching a syndicated TV talk show. The report isn't quite clear if both would be hosting the show or if the former governor would be in front of the camera and his wife in a behind-the-scenes roll.

And as funny as it might sound, maybe it's not the stupidest idea you've ever heard. As residents of New Jersey, we all know Christie has that famous Jersey attitude. He's not afraid to tell it like it is. And he's certainly comfortable in front of a crowd. And, like him or not, he has name recognition.

Now, TV talk shows come in many different forms. Would this be an Oprah-like show -- something calm and scripted? Or more of a Morton Downey Jr. Show-like production from the late 80s with an in-your-face, confrontational approach to chair throwing? Or maybe even a political-themed show? We shall see...

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