Chris and Rich Robinson of the Black Crowes began their Brothers of a Feather acoustic tour last night at the Omeara in London.

The 13-song set opened with two songs from Shake Your Money Maker, "Jealous Again" and "Twice as Hard," but contained only one other track from their debut, "She Talks to Angels."

The brothers added three songs from the follow-up LP, The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion, two from Amorica and one each from Three Snakes and One Charm, By Your Side, Lions and Warpaint. A cover of Manassas' "So Many Times" made it into the main set; the encore included a cover of Little Feat's "Willin'."

You can see the full set list and video below.

This was the first stop on the Robinsons' mini-tour. They'll play Amsterdam on Saturday before heading back to the U.S. for nine shows between Feb. 19, in Boston, and March 6, in San Francisco. The tour takes its name from a 2006 run the brothers played. The closing dates at the Roxy in Los Angeles resulted in a live album and DVD of the same name that came out the next year.

The entire Black Crowes band will perform a headlining slot at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival on April 30, before embarking on a lengthy trek that runs between June 17 and Sept. 19. They're celebrating the 30th anniversary of Shake Your Money Maker, which they'll be performing in its entirety along with cuts from across their catalog.

During their heyday, the siblings were nearly as famous for their feuds as they were their music, but they insist those days are behind them. "First and foremost, I'm really happy to have my brother back in my life," Rich said in a statement. "To be able to play music again together and celebrate the first record we made as kids is a gift. To have these songs stand up after 30 years is something I could've never fathomed."

The day the reunion was announced, the Robinsons went on Howard Stern's radio show and Chris accepted his share of the blame. "I said some horrible things," he noted. "I was in a negative place, but you know what? I've apologized to Rich about that. A lot of things have changed for me in the last two years. I was in a relationship that was failing. I was in a negative place. I was dealing with depression. And I'm sitting over here, like, 'Why am I saying bad things about my brother?'"

Later that night, they played the Bowery Ballroom in New York, their first show since February 2014. The 60-minute set consisted entirely of Shake Your Money Maker and a cover of the Rolling Stones' "It's Only Rock 'n' Roll."

Chris and Rich Robinson, London, Feb. 12, 2020
1. "Jealous Again"
2. "Twice as Hard"
3. "Wiser Time"
4. "Thorn in My Pride"
5. "Good Friday"
6. "Horsehead"
7. "Hotel Illness"
8. "Whoa Mule"
9. "So Many Times"
10. "Soul Singing"
11. "She Talks to Angels"
12. "Remedy"
13. "Willin'"


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