Hey, wings fans. You have a new place to get delicious Hooters wings to look forward to in South Jersey, but... you may have to wait a while.

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Hoots Wings, a franchise spun off of the Hooters company signed a deal in 2021 to open four new locations in New Jersey in the next two years, including one in Atlantic City.

The first of the four locations opened in December in Jersey City.

Owned and operated by parent company, HOA Brands — which also owns Hooters — the fast-casual wing concept has plans to bring 50 locations to key markets across New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island in the next five years.

Americans love chicken wings. The National Chicken Council reports that Americans eat 24 wings a month, 290 wings a year, and more than 17,000 wings in their lifetime.

Hoots Wings restaurants are a smaller, fast-casual alternative to Hooters’ restaurants and sports bars. The menu focuses on chicken wings and sandwiches, and the restaurants do not provide table service.

The idea behind Hoots Wings was launched with mobile delivery in mind, creating an app that allows customers the ability to order online and by participating with mobile delivery platforms like UberEats and GrubHub.

In their restaurants, they have a designated area specifically to make picking up online orders and mobile delivery orders as fast as possible.

Sal Melilli, President of Hoots Franchising, LLC, says the secret is that wings travel well.

“You can order wings, and even if it takes a half-hour for your food to be delivered, they’re going to be the same product you would get at the restaurant. And it makes sense that wings are popular for ordering in. It’s social food. When you bring in wings for a party or to watch a game, you’re not looking down at your plate."

An estimated opening date and specific Atlantic City location have yet to be released.

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