New Jersey State Police say a man stole people's identities and used them to create over 1,800 accounts that he used to gamble.

(Wait. How did he keep track of all the passwords?)

New Jersey State Police say they arrested Casey Ennis, 44, for "allegedly using stolen identities to create and fund more than 1,800 online gambling accounts and for stealing identities to operate a fraudulent unemployment benefits scheme during a 17-month long identity theft investigation."

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It was back in January of 2020 that detectives from the Financial Crimes Unit were contacted by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement about a suspicious number of online gambling accounts. Police say several people reported that accounts were created and funded using their identities.

Police eventually figured out if was  Ennis who was responsible. He allegedly stole identities and used them to open and use online gambling accounts.

There's more:

"During the ongoing investigation, detectives also discovered that Ennis was using stolen identities to operate an unemployment benefits scheme, using them to generate numerous fraudulent unemployment claims. He allegedly created fraudulent bank accounts using the victims’ identities and would transfer funds from the claims to those accounts and then later make cash withdrawals. Detectives linked Ennis to more than $52,000 worth of fraudulent withdrawals and purchases."

State Police acted on a warrant and searched Ennis' home on May 14th. Detectives found " more than 30 electronic devices, $491 cash, and 3 grams of methamphetamine."

Ennis now faces a number of charges. He's been released pending a court date.

State Police add this note:

"If you suspect that you or someone you know may have been a victim of identity theft, immediately call your local police department or State Police Station that services your area to report the incident."

SOURCE: New Jersey State Police

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