Cops in Vineland say a man was arrested on 4/20 for allegedly shoplifting $4.20 worth of ice.

Authorities say 61-year-old Michael Pagano of Vineland was arrested on Tuesday and, "charged with shoplifting for stealing 2 bags of ice each valued $2.10," from the Dollar General store on Main Road. Cops say he was processed on a summons and released pending a court date.

Meanwhile, cops were also busy investigating other crimes in this part of Cumberland County.

Last Friday afternoon, officials say someone broke into a building in the 4200 block of Southwest Boulevard in Vineland and stole about $600 worth of copper wiring. An investigation into that incident continues.

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Earlier Wednesday, 25-year-old Mason Mojica was arrested in the Walnut Village Apartments. Police say he was charged with three counts of a controlled dangerous substance for possession of heroin, crack, cocaine, powered cocaine; and one count of drug paraphernalia. Mojica was issued a complaint summons and released pending a court date.

SOURCE: Vineland Police Department press release, 04/21/21

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