This is not the first time dangerous and toxic jellyfish have been found on the beaches of South Jersey, and it certainly won't be the last.

According to the Press of Atlantic City, more than 100 small and toxic jellyfish have been discovered on a beach in North Wildwood. The dangerous jellyfish known as "clinging jellyfish", were found in a salt pond located on the beach.

The clinging jellyfish are small in nature and are no bigger than a dime. They have crosses across their centers in red, orange or violet colors. These small clinging jellyfish can send you to the hospital with pain if you're stung by them.

There have been no reported fatalities with being stung by this type of jellyfish. You should always be aware of your surrounding when walking or swimming on the beach. You should always pay close attention to warning and no swimming signs if they're posted on the beach.

According to the report, there are warning signs advising you not to enter the pond where the jellyfish were first spotted.

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