Apparently, those variable message boards that you see along highways don't have spellcheck.

I was driving home from Philadelphia Monday night and I took the Black Horse Pike through Washington Township. As I got near Cross Keys, I happened to see one of those flashing, digital signs in the median.

It caught my attention because it features a witty, seasonal message.

The first part says, "Santa Can See You," followed by,

Highway sign on the Black Horse Pike in Washington Township NJ - Photo: Chris Coleman
Highway sign on the Black Horse Pike in Washington Township NJ - Photo: Chris Coleman

"When Your Speeding."

Ummm... your?

I think that's supposed to be "you're." As in, "when you are speeding."

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Now, we all make mistakes. The purpose of me pointing this out is not to make the person who programmed the sign feel bad about their minor typo -- I mean, let's be honest, if I was standing in the median typing that message and cars ten feet away from me were screaming past at 50 MPH, I wouldn't give a crap about "your" versus "you're," either.

And, perhaps, that typo has done its job. If the purpose of that sign is to get people to slow down, then drawing attention to that message and its illuminated blunder has worked very well.

So as we countdown to Christmas and everyone is running around finishing up (or starting) there holiday shopping, pack your patients and remember to slow down. After all, Santa is watching how your driving.

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