Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider will appear on Celebrity Family Feud on Sunday, June 20.

"My family and I — the whole Snider Growing Up Twisted clan — are on Celebrity Family Feud,” the rocker declared during an interview on Mark Mendoza’s Facebook Live show 22 Now. “We went up against [NFL Hall of Famer and current co-host of Fox NFL Sunday] Terry Bradshaw and his family. And I will just say we kicked ass and we represented.”

Snider went on to admit that he and his family initially had some reservations about appearing on the game show. “We were kind of debating, do we go in and treat it like it's a joke — you know what I mean? Just like a big goof out of it — or do we take it seriously?”

Ultimately, the group decided to go on the show with the intention of winning. “They expect us to be a joke… So we said, ‘We’re gonna go in there and go for the gold.’ I can't say how it went, other than to say we kicked ass. That I can say."

Snider also confessed that he and his team took pride in representing the rock genre. "It turned out we were the first rock family to be on the show," the Twisted Sister singer explained. "They've had hip-hop, they've had pop — they've never had a rock and roll family on the show.”

Celebrity Family Feud airs Sundays at 8PM on ABC. Snider’s episode was reportedly filmed earlier this year under COVID-19 restrictions. The game show is hosted by comedian Steve Harvey.


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