Authorities have released some details about Sunday morning's crash in Toms River that killed two people after a vehicle landed inside the second story of an office building.

According to police, the driver, 22-year-old Braden DeMartin of Toms River, and his passenger, 23-year-old Daniel Foley, also of Toms River, were driving north on Hooper Avenue when DeMartin lost control of a Porsche Boxster, hit the center median and struck an embankment, causing the vehicle to go airborne into the second floor of an office building. Cops say the car landed upside down with its bumper on the building's front lawn.

Who owned the car and at what rate of speed it was traveling have yet to be released, but authorities say both men were pronounced dead at the scene around 6:30 Sunday morning.

Toms River Building Inspector John Gerrity has deemed the building unsafe, which is home to Exit Realty, where the car landed, and three other businesses, according to No one was inside the building at the time of the crash.


With reporting from Townsquare Media's Dan Alexander and Vin Ebenau.

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