The new school year has begun! It'll go fast, though, and by next spring, teens will be gearing up for semi-formals and prom. If you've got gently worn dresses or gowns, you can donate them to Project Prom 2023!

Project Prom is a local non-profit organization that helps South Jersey teens in need find their perfect prom dress at no cost!


Now through Saturday, September 10th, Project Prom is accepting dress donations to stock up for the 2023 prom season.

So, if you've got dresses in the back of your closet, maybe from past weddings, proms, or formal events you've attended, and you can stand to part with them, give them a second life and donate them to Project Prom AC!

Bring your donations to Berkshire Hathaway Home Service in Margate, located at
9218 Ventnor Ave.

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Prom-appropriate, previously loved dresses in good condition will be happily accepted. Please don’t bring your grandmother’s wedding dress, lol, or a dress with stains/rips. As pretty as they may be Project Prom coordinators are looking for current and clean options to give girls the dress of their dreams.

Thanks in advance!

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