Right now I’m hearing 50 Cent in my ear chanting, go shawty, it’s your birthday...

New Jersey Family did an amazing article on all the freebie treats you can get on your birthday!  I wanted to share it with you and highlight some of my personal favorites too.  Hey, it is hard work traveling around the sun for a year, grab your goodies.  


I’m a Starbucks fan even though I always go for the Chi Tea Latte and coffee heads laugh at me.  BTW, if you get a grande non-fat iced chi tea latte just make sure to ask for 6 pumps chi…four pumps is never enough and when they only do four I ask them to “chi harder”.  LOL, that never gets old because it is true.

"Starbs" (as my daughters call it) offers free drinks, and food on their app is you save up your points and you get a straight-up freebie on your birthday!


Have you tied the Chick-fil-A cobb salad with ranch?  BTW the authorities should look into why their ranch is so addictive, just sayin’.  I suggest asking to sub the regular chicken with their spicy chicken. Trust me, you’ll start singing happy birthday with the first bite.

For your birthday Chick-fil-A will spoil you but you have to sign up for their point program.  If you do, you’ll get a birthday reward (like we need another reason to go).  


My other favorite birthday stop is good old Chili’s.  I have a long and weird history with this chain.  When I was pregnant with both daughters I could not get enough of Chili’s salsa.  I did not even bother with the chips, I simply took a spoon and ate it directly out of the container.  At one point I stopped using the spoon and just drank it. I know.

They return the love with FREE chips and salsa every time you come in with their rewards program and for your birthday you get a free dessert! 

So don’t let your special day go by without some birthday love! 

Here is a more comprehensive list of all the birthday freebies from New Jersey Family.

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