You've seen us post time and time again warning you about rabid animals throughout the southern NJ region.

While that's, of course, to keep you informed and protected, it's not meant to cause a scare. As a matter of fact, there are certain instances in which you shouldn't just assume an animal has rabies. When foxes are sighted throughout the South Jersey and Jersey Shore regions, sometimes people are quick to assume that there's something abnormal about that.

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That could be the case sometimes, but since it's currently springtime here in the Garden State, you have to be particularly careful. A flyer, of sorts, was shared to social media this week that serves as a great reminder for NJ residents not to assume that an animal is rabid just because they've shown themselves in the middle of the day. This particular piece of information specifically details fox behaviors during the spring months.

It explains that if one should encounter a fox during the day this time of year, it's possible that it's a mother fox foraging for food to bring back to her kits (baby foxes). It's so common, especially here in South Jersey, for us to come across one animal or another and immediately call animal control simply because we're surprised to see it. The post reminds us that it's denning season for foxes, so it's common for a fox to make a home for her babies under a shed or porch to keep them away from potential predators - coyotes, for example. The post also explains that if the authorities are called, there's a good chance the animal will be killed for simply following its instincts.

Bottom line, don't jump to conclusions when you see a fox out and about in daylight during the spring months here in the Garden State. Watch its behavior and act accordingly. What you don't want to do is assume and then have that assumption result in a mama fox being separated from her babies.

Read the flyer for yourself HERE.

Source: Facebook

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