There are die-hard fans of the Philadelphia Eagles....and then there's this guy.

These photos from a Facebook friend show that the Eagles' frenzy has reached a fever pitch.

With Saturday night's showdown with the New York Giants fast approaching, the Bird's faithful fans are bubbling over with excitement.

I thought you might get a kick out of these photos of "The Eagles House" decorated by one crazed fan in Bucks County, Pa. who officially wins my 2023 Obsessed Fan Award.

Give a good look at the photos below and notice the details this guy has included in his masterpiece.

His trees and bushes have been wrapped in Eagles' green and white. Even his bushes are decorated in celebration of the Eagles, for goodness sake. I love it!

I count a minimum of four decorative Eagles helmets, to go along with his Eagles flag,  two huge Eagles signs, a wrapped Eagles front door, a super-sized Eagles football, and an actual pair of goalposts in his front yard.

We can't forget the inflatable Eagles player in his flower bed.

I can't be sure from the photos if it's just the lighting or if the guy has actually painted his fence Eagles green.

Take a look at these additional photos showing the entire front of the Eagles Victory House in all of its glory.

Go, Birds!!

attachment-Eagles football
attachment-eagles house right side
attachment-Eagles house whole house pic

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