Good weather is almost here so we have to start looking out for the fun beer gardens that we weren't able to go to last summer. Billy Penn recently made it known the Eastern State Penitentiary, which is known for their Terror Behind the Walls during the Halloween season, is having a different vibe this summer by having a beer garden.

Spooky stuff and beer are a good mix for sure.

According to Billy Penn, starting May 7th you will be able to enjoy some drinks at the Eastern State Penitentiary. No one ever wants to go to jail but this time around you can willingly take yourself to a state penitentiary to enjoy some drinks and be released at any time you would like.

The beer garden will be located at the "courtyard that holds the former prison’s baseball diamond," according to Billy Penn.

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It was stated on Billy Penn that Eastern State Penitentiary has teamed up with Triple Bottom to be able to bring the beer garden and have more locals stop by. We learned that before the pandemic most of the visitors were tourists. Since the pandemic started, locals have decided to stop by a little more. A beer garden will definitely have more locals stopping by.

Billy Penn also made it known that after enjoying the evening tour you will be able to find your new favorite beer from half a dozen beer selections that Triple Bottom will have available.

It was made known that both organizations want to help Philadelphians reenter society.

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