Think about your top five all-time favorite shows.

Personally, Breaking Bad is solid at number one for me. Schitt's Creek is absolutely in my top five.

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My Dad exposed me to the comedy of Eugene Levy at an early age. I got to appreciate his timing. He also has the gift to crack you up with just a puzzled expression.

Eugene's son Dan Levy is equally as talented, and the two absolutely put together the perfect cast for what will go down as one of the best comedies ever.

We got to see some new faces in the series, and one of them was Emily Hampshire.

Barnes & Noble
Barnes & Noble

Emily played Stevie Budd, the deadpan, sarcastic keeper of the Schitt's Creek Motel. That would eventually become the Rosebud Motel, but I don't want to give too much away in case you haven't watched the series.

Emily gave an Emmy-nominated performance of a young woman with a tough exterior, but also a very vulnerable side.

If you haven't given the show a shot, it's worth the binge on Hulu.

Barnes & Noble
Barnes & Noble

Emily Hampshire is now an author. She is now promoting her latest work; a graphic novel titled Amelia Aierwood - Basic Witch.

This read is inspired by Emily's popular Instagram posts documenting life at home during COVID lockdowns.

According to Amazon:

The novel follows the least-favorite daughter of L.A.’s most famous family of witches, the Aierwoods. Amelia’s sisters have all followed in the footsteps of their prominent parents but everything Amelia does is just a little…off-brand.

Sounds a little bit like Stevie Budd, no?

Emily is currently on a book tour to promote her latest work, and she's going to be right in our backyard.

Thursday, April 13 at 6 pm, look for Emily at Barnes & Noble in Brick doing a book signing and Q&A with fans.

I'd get there early, as this is sure to be a big event.

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