Sure, the holidays are great and all, but what people really don't look forward to about this time of year is everyone getting sick. We're on the brink of flu season here in the Garden State and we also have to worry about all the other winter viruses that will soon rear their ugly heads in this region.

Of course, we're probably always going to have to watch out for COVID-19, that's not going anywhere, but just because that version of the coronavirus suddenly became a threat two years ago doesn't mean every other illness disappeared. I have a strong feeling we'll be hearing more about the flu and other viruses this year compared to what we have over the last few.

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While there's not too much that can be done to prevent getting infected, you can always do the best you can to set yourself up to fight them off. My advice to you would be to start taking vitamin c every day. Vitamin C is the ULTIMATE booster for your immune system.

In fact, doctors from MedStar Health even confirmed that doing the most for your immune system is only going to set yourself up for good health during the winter months. The more in shape your immune system is, the better it can fight off viruses.

An additional tip the MedStar Health doctors have is for you to avoid the adult beverages while you're traveling. A lot of people tend to venture somewhere warm during the winter months. Traveling impacts your immune system. The doctors say that alcohol consumption is like a double-whammy when it comes to traveling. So, make sure you're staying hydrated with beverages that are actually beneficial to your body and its immune system.

The "oldie but goodie" tidbit of advice from docs is to, of course, stay home if you don't feel well. For one, you don't need to be around everybody else's germs when you're already not feeling so great. Secondly, you don't want to spread whatever ilk you have going on to anyone else.

Check out the MedStar Health doctors' complete list of advice HERE.


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