I know you think it’s probably just about time to put away your sweaters but according to the Farmer’s almanac, America’s always trusted, marginally accurate weather predictor, there’s more snow on the way. For some people, this is good news as we have had such a sappy winter here in New Jersey with nary a flurry in sight all year.

For others, like me? I’m good.

I like looking at snow from the inside of the house and that’s about it. In fact, these past few winters have reminded me of my childhood growing up in San Francisco, which has climate pattern similar to what New Jersey has had for the past couple years (Ok—it does get colder here but you get my drift). Here’s what the farmers almanac says we have in store in terms of snow. According to them, March is apparently coming in like a lion AND going out like a lion.

March 1-8 periods of rain and snow, chilly

March 28-31 rain and snow north, sunny south, cool

As is usually the case, you’re going to have to take the good old farmer with a grain of salt. Particularly because as I write this, it’s a frigid day, and the sun is peeking gloriously through a couple of vapid clouds.

What’s the farmer predicting?

Feb 28-29, rain

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