We head to Gloucester County where a little boy from Woodbury had his day made when he saw his favorite furry friend, Charlie.

The story goes, according to the boy's mother Traci-Leigh Campbell Ohr, that her son just loves the neighbors' dog so much. The neighbors live two doors down from the boy and are always quick to do something kind, so when they realized how deep the little boy's love for their dog ran, they were quick to capitalize on it in a way that they knew would give all involved a good laugh.


Traci-Leigh Campbell Ohr via Facebook
Yep, that's a fat head. Ohr told Cat Country 107.3 that the picture of the dog, Charlie, over the fence was actually a four foot poster. You can hear Ohr's son at the end saying "No, Charlie... no!" out of fear that Charlie would jump the fence.

Traci-Leigh Campbell Ohr via Facebook
Traci-Leigh Campbell Ohr via Facebook

Long story short, the Ohrs have some pretty awesome neighbors.

Source: Facebook

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