Devastating news out of Cumberland County to report for your Monday morning.

Unfortunately, multiple people from Millville are displaced this morning as their apartment building went ablaze in the early hours of Monday, April 4th. The building that caught fire is right down the street from the Levoy Theater on High Street. The apartments are actually on top of a few stores on that specific block, which is where the fire originally broke out.

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Multiple sources have reported that the people living above were, in fact, in need of saving. We're happy to say that the residents were able to be rescued. Sadly though, they didn't escape unsaved.

Five people had to be transported to the hospital. Of the five people who were injured, two were children. There hasn't been any more word about their conditions, only that they all are currently being treated for their injuries sustained as a result of the blaze.

It has been reported, however, that some victims are currently being treated for smoke inhalation.

That's to be expected considering how difficult it reportedly was to escape the building once the flames took hold of it. One person spoke to the media saying that there was a thick layer of smoke that made it almost impossible to get out. Luckily, there has yet to be any reports of any deaths from the fire. No doubt, reports will slowly start to come in as the authorities figure out what caused the fire in the first place.


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