An accident involving two vehicles in front of Dunkin' on Tilton Road in Northfield brought out police, fire and rescue, and a tow truck Thursday morning.

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The crash happened just after 9 a.m., potentially between a silver Chevy pick-up truck and a green Fiat sedan. The Fiat appeared to have a smashed windshield and both airbags inside the vehicle were deployed.

Crews were covering Tilton Road at the scene with sand, so it's possibly there was some sort of fuel spill that resulted from the accident.

Police were letting cars pass by a few at a time as they worked to clear the scene.

Accident in Front of Dunkin' on Tilton Rd. in Northfield

Since that Dunkin' in right across the street from the radio station, I visit often. But making a left back out onto Tilton Rd., across four lanes of traffic is not an easy thing. You definitely feel sometimes you're taking your life into your own hands. Or, I just make a right and cut through a parking lot to make my way back to east Tilton Rd. and back to the station.

Today's accident wasn't the first I've seen there, and it probably won't be the last. With traffic lights only yards away in both directions, I can't see how a traffic light in front of the Dunkin' on Tilton would make sense, but it really is kind of dangerous.

I hope no one was badly injured today.

SOURCES: Heather DeLuca, Townsquare Media

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