If you've been listening to the show for a few weeks or if you started with me when I came aboard 8 years ago, you know that food is a top priority. It's the common ground that brings us together and transcends the controversy of politics and other contentious issues.

Of course, this is Jersey and we'll still see people fighting over the name of a popular breakfast meat or where to get the best meatballs.


One of my favorite so-called "junk foods" is a Philly cheesesteak. I've tried them across the state and have promoted some of the best:




and Meatheadz

top the list.

Even across the pond in London, we found a great spot, Passyunk Avenue.

Well, now there's a new entrance to the Jersey Cheesesteak circuit, GKnows Cheesesteaks opening in Point Pleasant.

The company started in NYC with a food truck and storefront on Staten Island and now they've entered the fray in Jersey. From the website pics and the story about the company, they clearly understand the cheesesteak.

If you've been there, hit me up on the free NJ 101.5 app and let me know if it's a must-visit. I'm always looking for a great steak, cheese steak that is..wit.

You can always make your own too:

Spadea's Father's Day cheesesteak

Check out the step-by-step process Bill went through to make his very own Father's Day cheesesteak.

The best cheesesteaks in New Jersey

Move over Philadelphia, us Jerseyans know that the best cheesesteaks are done here in the Garden State. With that in mind and the fact that it was just National Cheesesteak Day, Steve Trevelise asked his Facebook following for the best cheesesteak joints in Jersey. Here's some of what they came up with.

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