Some of the foreign students we have been saying are so essential to the South jersey seasonal economy are asking for help finding a place to live. Could you help them find an affordable place to rent for the summer?

A group of student workers from Lithuania are looking for a place to live while they work in Wildwood for the summer.

The students are part of a highly competitive scholarship funded by the U.S. Department of State. The scholarship offers a unique opportunity to visit and spend up to four months in the United States on the BridgeUSA Summer Work Travel Program.

Scholarship recipients must demonstrate a willingness and interest in developing skills related to community building and are seeking to gain professional experience in the United States, improve their English language skills, and share their own culture with Americans.

Unfortunately, Russia's war with Ukraine has made it impossible for many Ukrainian and other student workers from parts of northern Europe to take part in the program this summer.

But, here is a group of interested Lithuanian students who can't wait to spend their summer working in Wildwood, if they can only find a place to live.

Eldaras Šilak is their spokesperson.

Good morning and greetings from Lithuania!
I am writing this post regarding housing in Wildwood. My friends and I are traveling to the USA this summer with a Work & Travel program and we are looking for housing in this particular area.
We are a group of 9 people and we are looking for housing from June 13 to September 26.
If you are providing housing or know someone willing to rent an apartment please let me know!

Please do what you can for these foreign students or pass the word to anyone you know who offers inexpensive housing close enough to be of use to these kids.

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